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Peace and true happiness are already within you. The key is finding what was somehow lost along the way. I provide the mindset tools necessary to free your soul from the inside out.  Join me in calming the noise inside of your head. Lets take a walk on the Divine Love Path to Freedom!"       Blessings, Emily.

Techniques and basic concepts taught by Emily will ensure a self-re-training that works on even the most stubborn patterns.

The re-training is soft and nurturing, aiding in healing and accelerating spiritual growth. Patterns from our basic belief systems have been haunting our culture for a very long time and now is the time to get out of the way of the healing that is occurring. Trusting this process is often difficult, and we will identify the key to freedom of your patterns, programs, delusions and distractions. Empower yourself from the core, permanently! No matter your religious or cultural beliefs we are all made in the same. The path of transformation will take you as far as you are willing to go... how far can you go?

Inner healing can expose family and hidden patterns that you didn't know where there. Ask Emily more about who freed the world to give us true healing. You can go further in your healing and empowerment by knowing man's true history and how karma or curses operate. The laws of the CREATOR, nature, the universe and man all can be navigated simply. Whether you have an emotional issue or a battle with the world transformational healing is for you.



Quantum Body Processing

Non- Invasive Method of Managing Pain.

Proprietary to Free My Soul.  No Pain Medication necessary.  Find out more by contacting Emily directly at info@freemysoul.org.

Mindfulness Techniques

Silencing the Chaos Within - Services Offered

Mindfulness Areas of Focus

We have varied services and counseling. We offer Non-Invasive Pain Management through Quantum Body Processing.

  1. Mindset Re-patterning
  2. Transformational Healing & Prayer
  3. Spiritual Counseling
  4. Transformation and Awareness
  5. Court of Heaven guidance

"When we are mindful, we are anchored in the present, no longer trapped in the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness helps you fully step into your power, and you’ll gain a deep sense of calm, peace, and fulfillment as a result."

Our Client Reviews

Our Google Reviews by our Customers

Cassandra Chambers

I am so beyond grateful and feel truly blessed to have been able to take Emily's Divine Love level one course she is truly such an amazing teacher and is very in tune. The tools and processing work she has provided and walked me through …More

Melinda Sanchez

Emily is an amazing mentor. She very knowledgeable and very friendly. Very easy to talk to and very passionate about helping others. Prices are great for what she offers. Plus she believes in helping everyone that is willing to put in the …More

Chris LeBaron

Emily is down to earth when it comes to making sure I feel understood. Emily takes the time to guide me through each step of the process so that I feel like I am able to take the next steps. Emily is highly talented in many healing and …More

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Mindset & Transformational Healing sessions provided by Life Coach & Counselor Emily are available by appointment only.  Our Purpose and Mission is providing you peace your mind, body, and soul.

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