Mindfulness is mastering the chaos and worry that controls our minds.

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Let's face it, life isn't easy. But is doesn't have to be so difficult. Let us  teach you the reason you exist and how special you are! Learn how to manage your world effectively with a peaceful and meaningful intent. No more wishing for happiness. Emily has developed a mindfulness toolbox, combined with meditation techniques, that has been implemented into the Utah State Educational System,  and IT'S WORKING!

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We are tired of the chaos in this world and what it's doing to our communities across the nation.   Peace and true happiness is already within you. The key is finding what was somehow lost along the way.   Meditation and Mindfulness tools have been created to help calm the noise inside of your head.  We have developed a proprietary technique which is exclusive to FreeMySoul and our clients.

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Transformation Therapy, Mindfulness Tools, and Meditation techniques to address your issues leading to anxiety, depression, stress and chronic illness. By teaching you how to apply the tools to your unique situation, is what makes this program effective. Too often, we are only told what to do, not WHY or HOW we need to do it.  For years, Emily has practiced this method with her client's and has gotten amazing results that last a lifetime.  

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  • Classes are 11.00 / class and private sessions and other    services can be found under the booking tab of our website. 

Introducing our New Body Processing Technique

Mindfulness, Training & Certifications Classes offered


We Provide certification courses in mindfulness training. We are an accredited certification agency. Course outline information is available. Call for more information. 


Mindfulness Coaching and Emotional Management


 Emily's transformation, meditation and mindfulness toolbox system is currently being used in the Utah State Educational System.  Events and Classes are customized according to your professional or personal requirements. 


Quantum Body Processing Propitiatory to Free My Soul


Emily has developed a mind body processing technique which is copyrighted and proprietary to freemysoul.org.  Find out more by contacting Emily directly for a free consultation. 


How a mindfulness coach can help you

Answer 1: One on One Coaching


Are you needing personal space and one on one coaching. Are you the type of person who just doesn't feel comfortable in a class setting? No problem. We offer private sessions for all of your counseling needs. 

Answer 2: Parenting Support


Mindfulness helps you manage communication and age barriers. Millennial's and Baby Boomers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Learn how to identify effective tactics to all types of personalities in each generation. 

Answer 3: Communication Skills


There are difficult people and tense situations wherever we go. The world is not getting easier. Learn how to effectively manage these events when they occur with ease. 

Answer 4: Support


Needing a coach or personal emotional trainer? We offer that coaching trained skill set to get you through the most difficult times in life. 

Answer 5: Life Balance


What happened to the time? Ever find yourself lost in time and confused as to where the time went? Learn how to effectively manage your work/life schedule so you can find luxury time for yourself. 

Answer 6: Alternative


So many of us run medicate our minds and bodies because it's all we know. There is a different approach and it works! Receive non-drug related therapy that is non-intrusive and non-painful.

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Here's what our clients are saying....

Life Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor and Teacher, Emily, always presents a beautiful way of  viewing something, a way that gives relief or a new way of  understanding." ~Martin, Australia

Cassandra Chambers

3 reviews

a month ago

I am so beyond grateful and feel truly blessed to have been able to take Emily's Divine Love level one course she is truly such an amazing teacher and is very in tune. The tools and processing work she has provided and walked me through …More

Melinda Sanchez

1 review

3 months ago

Emily is an amazing mentor. She very knowledgeable and very friendly. Very easy to talk to and very passionate about helping others. Prices are great for what she offers. Plus she believes in helping everyone that is willing to put in the …More

Chris LeBaron

3 reviews

3 months ago

Emily is down to earth when it comes to making sure I feel understood. Emily takes the time to guide me through each step of the process so that I feel like I am able to take the next steps. Emily is highly talented in many healing and …More


"I know after I saw Emily I have felt continually more balanced. Mindfulness Teacher Emily was very powerful in my healing." ~Wendy, SLC

"I have felt a lot more refreshed since my visit with Emily, and a lot more balanced in many ways." ~Linda, QLD Australia

"Emily  is truly gifted at what she does and by sharing it she is shining a  great big light onto the world!" ~Melissa, Kinesiologist, Australia

"It  was crazy how on point Emily was with us.  We had a lot of fun and took  a lot out of it so we appreciate it!" ~Anon couple, Utah

"I  was immediately taken by how comfortable I felt in her presence.  Very  good energy and laid back nature. Intuitive and honest, she seemed to  instinctively know what was needed and the differences between my wife  and I who went and saw her together." ~Hunter, Ut 

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