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Intuitive Readings, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Sound Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, Sound Therapy Classes, Meditation and Reiki. Sessions are offered over the phone.

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Individual and Group Classes, Workshops, and Retreats are offered. In addition, I will travel to your destination dependent upon the package purchased.



Founder of Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. Emily is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor and Life Coach,

Reiki Master, Psychic, tarot cards, Minister, Medium, and Mindfulness Coach/Instructor.

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We will provide customized mindfulness classes for corporate training to your staff. Mindfulness in the corporate workplace has been proven to increase employee productivity, awareness, and attendance. Employee's morale increases; therefore, their production increases. Please contact us for more information.

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Customized Events, Workshops, and Classes for your organization or personal retreat.


Your location of choice.

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Certified in Reiki, mindfulness, and more for over 12 years.

Episode Description

What is it like to see a ghost or sense the past death of another person?

In this episode, Ron interviews EmilySpirit, a lifelong medium.

Emily provides her own insight into what it’s like to see and sense the paranormal world, a gift she has had since her childhood. Do you believe her?

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Cassandra Chambers

3 reviews

2 months ago

I am so beyond grateful and feel truly blessed to have been able to take Emily's Divine Love level one course she is truly such an amazing teacher and is very in tune. The tools and processing work she has provided and walked me through …More

Melinda Sanchez

1 review

4 months ago

Emily is an amazing mentor. She is very knowledgeable and very friendly. Very easy to talk to and very passionate about helping others. Prices are great for what she offers. Plus she believes in helping everyone that is willing to put in the …More

Chris LeBaron

3 reviews

4 months ago

Emily is down to earth when it comes to making sure I feel understood. Emily takes the time to guide me through each step of the process so that I feel like I am able to take the next steps. Emily is highly talented in many healing and …More

Molly Spoor

8 reviews

Emily is definitely the real thing. She has the amazing ability to guide you so that you can address the deeper issues. She senses you. Just amazing. She helped me work through some very difficult times after the death of my parents …More

Jennifer Oliver

Emily is such a kind-hearted soul, She always has such a great outlook on everything and she is always so happy and positive. She is great at all the work she has done!

Kelsi Diehl

Emily is very intuitive. I’ve participated in many sessions with her from sound therapy to chakra readings to tarot card readings. After the sound therapy, I felt like I was resonating at a much higher vibration. That was very helpful for me …More

Richard Webb

I have known Emily for many years and sought her advice on many, many things during this time. She is wise beyond her years and can accurately feel into things and know what is going to happen and can give you the advice you need at the …More

Merle Ann Stoker

Emily helped me be aware of things, the root reasons for some of my difficulties, that I hadn't connected together. Then gave me some new processes to be able to deal better in getting through it. A new perspective! Thanks Emily.

karen bowman

Emily is amazing! I have been going to her for about two years now...I started off with readings and now work on various aspects and platforms from energy work, reiki (one of my favorites), and sound baths among other things, I consistently leave those sessions feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and more at peace. Highly recommend!

m theron

Emily is amazing and has helped me through some really rough times when I was at a loss for action. She provides the tools. I was immediately taken by how comfortable I felt in her presence. Very good energy and laid back nature. Intuitive and honest, she seemed to instinctively know what was needed and the differences between my wife and I who went and saw her together.

Hunter O.

I was immediately taken by how comfortable I felt in her presence. Very good energy and laid back nature. Intuitive and honest, she seemed to instinctively know what was needed and the differences between my wife and I who went and saw her together. 


Corporate Events

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spiritual teacher, psychic, medium, mindfulness coach available by email to schedule a session.

EmilySpirit is also the Founder of Freemysoul.org


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