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Operating on auto-pilot gives no room for YOU, who you really are. Auto-pilot is a mixture of the programs, culture and generational beliefs. Auto-pilot is not the real, authentic and genuine you. Mindfulness is how you can navigate your life, rather than operating on auto-pilot. 

Let’s begin at understanding a metaphysical basic rule: frequency creates. Thoughts, emotions and actions are all frequency. So whomever is the most active in their thoughts, emotions and actions (or their frequency) is the active creator. 

All you have to do is be an active creator! So how do you know when or how to create?

Mindfulness is active awareness in action. Being mindful or aware of the information that’s at your feet will show you where you can create. The how is with practice of mindfulness.

Begin with knowing how to step into the ‘Watcher’ position. Where you watch your thoughts, emotions, physical feelings and intuition as they come and go. There is nothing else to do but watch. This step is vitally important because you can’t create from what you don’t know. Watching provides you with more information which will empower you with practice.

Once the ‘Watcher’ is satisfied then simply ask yourself: What do I want to create right now? Your desire can be accomplished by identifying a feeling. For instance: I want to create financial safety, which will feel like comfort and peace. So imagine the feeling of comfort and peace, fully, right now. If you can’t then you have an attachment. Your attachment to your desire is not serving you, it is working against you. If you can then yippee, fully experience that feeling. Then ask yourself: Now what do I want to do to help bring it to reality?

If you have an attachment then there are many techniques out there or find a reputable practitioner to assist you in releasing it. My favorite and fastest technique is Body Processing (ask me about it if you are curious).

Feeling what you want to create as though it’s the only feeling to have right now is exactly how you maximize your active creator. Using the ‘Watcher’ technique helps you discover who you really are. Asking what you want to create right now brings you to the present moment and begins with YOU,

You being an active creator in your life is how you change your life. You will learn more about yourself. You will have more awareness of your patterns and where you are held back. You will have more choice and gain your power back. You will find what you really want in life and you may even discover your purpose.

Changing your life is hard. It will show you how others support or not. If others don’t support you remember to be kind and take your space while you build confidence in your practice. If they choose to take your lead they will come around. If they become jealous, envious or bitter be kind to them and take your space. People might fight with their auto-pilot. Let them come asking you questions, they will when they are ready. Otherwise let them be. Trying to change them is not good for either of you.

The changes you may experience range from less anxiety or depression and stress to better clarity and ease of emotions. Mindfulness isn’t something that gives all of it’s benefits in just one experience, it keeps giving back to you exponentially.

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how mindfulness changes your life

how mindfulness changes your life

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