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Mindfulness and the Impossible


Mindfulness is more than just being aware of you and what you are doing and want in life, it’s reaching out for what you want, with the tenacity of a 3 year old holding on to a piece of candy you have told them that they cannot have. 

I’ve had many clients tell me they wanted something, and then felt it was necessary to explain why, or how they were going to “try” to get this. Being mindful means, we are fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing, and not being overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around you. But is that all it is? No. 

When we practice mindfulness daily, we can appreciate the rewards that come from being more aware and responsive to life. It also means we never say something is impossible or say we are going to “try” to get something we want. 

I’ve had to tell many clients that I don’t want them to tell me they are going to “try” to do anything. You are going to do it. Period. Don’t tell me you are going to “work on” or “attempt” anything either. 

1. I am GETTING that promotion I deserve.

2. I am GETTING what I want. 

3. I am DOING what is right for me in this situation. 

Nothing is impossible in mindfulness, absolutely nothing. You have the ability to get what you want with knowing you will get it and thinking you will makes it much more powerful. 

Sometimes you will need to be reminded of what you want and what you deserve, and that is where I come in. Make an appointment with me right here on my website and I can get together with you on a one on one (even over video chat) and remind you of what you deserve and what you WILL achieve through mindfulness. 

In our life path, all we need is a reminder of what we are worth, what we are going after, because life can sometimes confuse us and distract us, and I can assist you, or anyone in following the path of mindfulness to help get you going in the right direction. 

True mindfulness is believing we deserve the best, that everything can come to us if we just believe in ourselves and moving towards goals with the intent and purpose you personally were designed for. Impossible is not an option in true mindfulness, because we can achieve whatever we put our minds to. We can do whatever we believe we can do and overcome what we need to overcome with due diligence and the strength within us. 

We all know meditation can get us to a place we need to be when things begin to overwhelm us or we don’t feel like we can overcome something, or obtain something we want, but so can listening to someone tell you that you deserve it. Sometimes hearing a friendly voice reiterate that you deserve something is all you need to make sure you get it. 

Four key elements are imperative in finding the POSSIBLE within the impossible. 

1. Believe in yourself

2. Believe you have the power to get what you want

3. Practice mindfulness every single day

4. Get what you want

If those fail you, then contacting me for a consultation would be your next best bet. I would take the time with you that you need to get back on track and believing in yourself like you should. Sometimes hearing the affirmation, along with saying it can help you become more certain the affirmation will occur. 

Getting what you want, when you want it, is one of the most important aspects of mindfulness. Leading yourself to a clearer path with and open mind and heart is an important journey everyone involved with mindfulness needs to follow.

Louis D. Brandeis once said “Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done.” Nelson Mandela said “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” 

We cannot measure what is “impossible” because it is relative. What seems impossible to one person, may be very easy to someone else. If you say that you cannot do something, remember that someone else may actually be doing it. If that doesn’t motivate you, then not much else will. 

Remember to keep my contact information close so you can contact me anytime for an appointment, and I can get in touch with you, or you can get in touch with me, for reminders of what is important to you, what you deserve, and how you are going to obtain that. 

So many people out there are living without mindfulness, and you are powerful and carry it with you everywhere. YOU are a force to be a reckoned with, and YOU are going to make it because you believe you can and understand that with mindfulness you will get what you want and deserve. 

You don’t ever have to question who is on your side, I am, and always will be, and I’m right here anytime you need me. 


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