Mindfulness Certification Training


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What will you learn during this course?

This course is going to change your life, no doubt about it. Are you ready? 

We will change the way you think about EVERYTHING

To find the peace and fulfillment you desire as a human being, you have to think differently. The way you were raised, is ingrained within the cells of your mind, body and soul. We will slowly untie the strings of the past so that the memory is replaced with a new positive and amazing thought process. This is not brainwashing or some hocus pocus method of teaching. This is science based, proven methodologies used for hundreds of years in the Eastern world.  You will finally gain the knowledge that for so long, was kept a secret.

 Focus areas of study include:

Purpose of Emotions- Performance -Mental Resilience 

Focus-  Active Listening - Stress and Anxiety Management

and Breathing Techniques - Building Rapport -The Quantum Processing Technique proprietary Free My Soul, L.L.C.

Mindfulness -Meditation- Attention- Acceptance 

Compassion - Team Building and Much More!

Certification Course Levels of Study

Earn your 1st Turquoise Badge

level 1 turquoise certification studies

Level 1

Mindfulness Certification Training is taught in Murray and areas throughout Salt Lake City. 

Sapphire Mindfulness Badge

Level 2 sapphire mindfulness certification badge

Level 2 

Certification Class for Practitioners who have received their level 1 badge.

Onyx Level 3 - Highest Honor

Level 3 onyx mindfulness mastery certification

Level 3 Final - Mastery Mindfulness Certification Training.

Online Academy and future advanced courses will be announced in 2020.

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Certification Course Information

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