Enjoy simple living with Free My Soul

With our special Free My Soul master guide, you will be guided to becoming a person living a simple and easy life. We have helped thousands of people reach their potential.


Level One is all about empowering yourself with life skills proprietary to Free My Soul


Level Two takes Level One's skills and enhances them to help others.


Level Three is the mastery teachings and techniques, from self to 'Oneness' consciousness.

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The Mindfulness Tools in video

Our famous Mindfulness Tools in single tracks for rent.

Mindfulness Tools in Audio

Best used with headphones!

One-on-one Sessions

The expedited path personalized for you.

Free My Soul, the course that actually works

There are many Mindfulness courses out there, but not all are very effective. We have collected some of the leading courses and compared these to our own Free My Soul course and the numbers speak for them selves. We are the only 100% effective Mindfulness course out there.

The 4-week Mindfulness Course
The Great Courses Practicing Mindfulness
Mindfulness Course for Busy People
Mindfulness for Dummies
Free My Soul

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We've got a lot of good love to share

Connect with us on how to become a relaxed person with a shining aura, a gifted mind and free soul.

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