Our Purpose and Story

Emily's Story

From Emily's earliest memories she has been a Medium. Her empathy & sensitivities have been trained to give her a long list of talents.

2005 Emily lived in Hawaii and began work on cold cases.  In 2008, she moved to Australia where she studied and worked as an intuitive in many applications.  Some of her work included: Markets as a card reader, channeller at meetings, paranormal investigator for haunted sites, therapist at wellness centers & crystal shops, sweat lodge & ceremony, and sound workshops in a yurt!  Among her many teachers, her most valued taught her Transformation Therapy, which is an eastern philosophy approach to healing.

Her clients vary in their interests from medical ailments, gaining deeper awareness of things, spiritual guidance, law of attraction and abundance work, family, addiction and abuse therapies, chakra balancing, soul-attachment clearing, PTSD, identifying one's purpose, spiritual empowerment and many more.

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How can a mindfulness coach help you?


Answer 1: One on One Coaching

Are you needing personal space and one on one coaching. Are you the type of person who just doesn't feel comfortable in a class setting? No problem. We offer private sessions for all of your counseling needs. 

Answer 2: Parenting Support

Mindfulness helps you manage communication and age barriers. Millennial's and Baby Boomers are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Learn how to identify effective tactics to all types of personalities in each generation. 

Answer 3: Communication Skills

There are difficult people and tense situations wherever we go. The world is not getting easier. Learn how to effectively manage these events when they occur with ease. 

Answer 4: Support

Needing a coach or personal emotional trainer? We offer that coaching trained skill set to get you through the most difficult times in life. 

Answer 5: Life Balance

What happened to the time? Ever find yourself lost in time and confused as to where the time went? Learn how to effectively manage your work/life schedule so you can find luxury time for yourself. 

Answer 6: Alternative

So many of us run medicate our minds and bodies because it's all we know. There is a different approach and it works! Receive non-drug related therapy that is non-intrusive

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Mindfulness and Y.O.U.

It's all about your mind and your soul


Mindfulness and YOU

When we think of being mindful, we think of opening our minds to new ideas, new thoughts, and very rarely do we understand that first we must think of ourselves. What is it you want to get or do? What is your end goal? Do you want to get a raise at work, leave a disastrous relationship, or improve a relationship with family or friends? 

When we think of what we want to do with mindfulness, we first need to look inward. What can we gain within ourselves to meet our goal? Everything you want to attain, everything you need, starts with YOU. 

Y – Your future awaits

O – Open your mind to new experiences

U – Understand you’re important

Everything within each of us exists to attract and keep what we desire the most. If you want something, then changing the way you exist is essential to make the changes that need to be made to obtain what you want. 

An example is a client that came to me the other day. She keeps attracting narcissistic men and didn’t know how she was doing it. I asked one simple question “how do you meet them?” Very easy for most of us, but for her, it wasn’t. She met them at work, and she works at a car dealership. Time after time she gets involved with the salesmen at her work. When we repeat the same patterns and expect different results, that’s insanity. 

In order to even start thinking about a change in your life, you need to begin by looking inward. What can YOU do? What have YOU done to change this situation? The mistake we make in life is trying to change things outwardly instead of inwardly. 

Are you being assertive enough, asking for that raise or are you just sitting back hoping ‘they’ will see the good you are doing and just hand you one? Are you proud of your accomplishments or are you always trying to do more and more and feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere?  Are you working on getting out of this relationship, or are you just living day by day hoping one day that something will change, and you’ll somehow someday be happy with what is going on? 

No matter what your situation is, looking at what YOU can do to change it is the first step, no matter what it is. Be assertive, be proud of yourself, and change the situation or find a way to be happy in it. 

There are things we cannot change, like how cranky our boss is, or how our spouse takes business trips to another state every other month, then there are things we can change, like how we deal with that. Looking at situations differently, more positively, is essential in our well-being. 

Most times, finding something good in something bad will be the difference in your being miserable and being happy. 

A client came to me one time telling me about her mother. “Every time she comes over to my house, something isn’t good enough about it, it isn’t clean enough, big enough, nice enough, there is always something wrong, and I’m sick of it.” I told her about my own mother, that would come over to my house and clean it, only to show me how it was supposed to be done, but now she’s gone, and how I wish she was there to pick up my house and show me how to clean. After crying briefly, she thanked me, and I knew she understood that having her mother was a great thing, and how she will be more appreciative. 

Sometimes you’ll have to just be happy to be alive, to be breathing, and have this wonderful day. Sometimes you’ll have much more to be thankful and grateful for. Choosing to be happy will be a choice you’ll make over and over when you realize the alternative stinks. 

Establishing that YOU make the difference between being happy and being unhappy is essential in mindfulness. Working toward the goals you have will always begin with YOU. 

Mindfulness and YOU is realizing that all outward changes have to begin within you, it means you take responsibility for how you look at your circumstances, and YOU make the changes that need to be made to get YOU to where you want to be in life, whether that is a small step towards a goal, or a much larger step like a large life decision. 

Considering that you really are responsible for getting everything you want in life, will help you understand that only you can change your situation, for better or for worse. Choosing to live life positively, with your best foot forward is key in every situation you get into.