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Mindfulness is not about calming the Mind or  being positive.  Mindfulness is about being pro-active with your mind.  The thoughts and ideas in the mind can be trained with simple daily  exercises to improve your well being.  

What  automatic behaviors are you looking to change?  Do you behave first  then wonder why?  If you are willing to open your mind and be aware of  what is happening you will get your life where you want.  Consider that  in order to change your life, how you want it, mindfulness exercises  will challenge you to change.  Your perspective may change, your  attitude and even the way you feel about things.

1.  Be an Observer.  Watching your thoughts, your emotions, your body  sensations and your intuition is a practice in and of itself.  You are  not your body or emotions.  You are the consciousness that interacts  with them.  It may feel like you are taking a step backwards into a  position of observation.  From this position you can be more aware of  what is happening rather than reacting without awareness.  This step  backwards is all you have to remember.  The observation is often  automatic.  The mind or emotions may be the loudest and the busiest.   Let them be.  Just watch them.  And when you are tired or satisfied  with practicing being in the observer position choose what you’d like to  do about what you’ve observed.  

2. Awareness is a practice.  There  are varying amounts that you can have.  It can start with the breath or  an action, like eating or walking.  Awareness can be a creative  practice. Try exploring all of your senses.  Look around, notice colors,  shapes and what interests you.  Smell the air around you.  Feel the  temperature on your skin, the ground beneath you, the objects you are  wearing.  Listen for sounds near and far.  Notice what interests you and  what bother you, if any.  

3. Acceptance does not mean you  like it.  It doesn’t mean that you condone, agree, or think that it’s  morally or ethically right.  Acceptance means that you it accept the  existence of what you are aware of.  YES, THERE IT IS.  Whatever the  thought or experience you are having the exercise is the same.

After  you become aware of something try asking yourself: Am I och with this?  You’re answer can be NO so be honest with yourself.  If it is NO then  ask yourself again: Am I OK that I’m NOT OK?   Each time you ask the  question it’s like you are taking a step backward.  Keep asking the  question until you get a YES.  You may tire of asking, you may wonder  how many steps you have to take backwards.  Take them until you feel to  not practice this exercise anymore.  Be present with your inner conflict  and try being an Observer until you stop fighting then revisit  Acceptance.

Mindfulness  takes effort, it is work.  You are retraining the way you operate and  giving your consciousness a more fulfilling experience.  The fulfillment  achieved is the award and the benefits of the self-care, clearer  choices, honesty and peace are a short list of the bonuses.  Like most  things practice makes perfect, practice makes things easier.  We all  want things to be easier.  With the practice of mindfulness and these  new, more loving exercises you may just surprise yourself with how  quickly you do them without thinking about it. 

Blessings from your Life Coach, Emily

Being Mindful is an awareness that integrates through practice

Being Mindful is an awareness that integrates through practice

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