Mindfulness Tools

Free My Soul Academy in Google Classroom

A must have set of tools for everyone! Anyone from about 7 years old on up can learn and apply these tools to gain power and peace in their life.

"Why aren't we taught this when we were kids?"

"Is this taught in the schools?"

"I don't even recognize myself after using these tools, I'm so happy!"

How is your motivation in life? Are you a self-empowering person? Are you tired all the time? Do you think too much? Do you want to catch illness earlier? Do you want to teach and support others? Do you want more peace in your life?

These tools have been shared with the Utah School Board of Education for implementation in the Special Education Department. And now you too can use them and retrain the way that you handle challenges in your life.

Buy the Tools and Master them, save yourself.

1 year access is $97 USD.*

Lifetime access (5+years) $297 USD.*

*Include your email address to receive your classroom code.

Venmo @EmilySpirit if more convenient.

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